When Chip Bergh took over as the CEO of Levi’s, the belief on the street was he was hired to put the storied, privately held brand back on the path towards profitability. At the time, there were myriad issues, both internal and external, that needed addressing. Unsurprisingly, Chip called an all hands meeting to activate, invigorate and motivate the brand’s global leadership around these goals. And per usual,  a video was needed in short order.
Though we were no longer the brand’s agency of record, we’d worked hard to maintain a working relationship with the brand that would, one day, reopen the door to that coveted position. At my behest, we’d also built two internal edit suites perfectly suited to delivering something both quickly and of high-quality.
The results of this simple assignment (no one else seemed to want) were staggering. Overnight we developed a face-to-face relationship with the brand’s new CEO, sold and produced two of the five videos we presented and, by proving we knew the brand and cared deeply for it, opened the door that led to a return of FCB/West as Levi’s agency of record. 
Below are the two scripts we sold, along with the videos we produced in less than a week.