I like to watch.

I like to watch.
No, not in some creepy, uncle pervy kind of way, but rather in an observational, how do things work kind of way. It’s what happens when you grow up an only child. Without brothers or sisters to fight with out loud, you spend a lot of time inside your own head trying to figure out what makes the world tick. You study things, like your father’s insane love of liver (seriously, WTF Dad?). You wonder things, like in the event of a nuclear attack by the former U.S.S.R. what is the fastest route from Nevada to the Canadian border? You take things apart and put them back together. Differently. 

Good or bad, I love looking beneath the surface. In life this means I’d rather sit in the corner and watch a party unfold. Or have a single, meaningful conversation versus a series of superfluous chit-chats. As an advertising writer and creative director, this means I approach my work with an added layer of thoughtfulness. I don’t just want to write the ad, I want to understand the brief, the assignment and the brand. I also want to understand the business problem. And then I want to solve that problem in a smart, strategic way that's also beautifully simple and entertaining.

I’ve done this for agencies like on staff, and, more recently, as a freelancer. I work onsite and remotely. I work fast because I work smart. And while I love, love, love working in this capacity on television, digital video, headlines, integrated campaigns, radio, social and more, I also love applying my creative problem solving abilities beyond the basic building blocks of advertising campaigns. 

The things I'm most proud of - Share a Coke, Kikkoman, Google, and Best Buy - have involved finding non-traditional solutions, both creative and media, to solve big hairy business problems. That's what really gets me excited. So if you've got one of those lying around, maybe hit me up. 
Thanks for looking, reading and watching.